Size: DIN77 Gold
Product: GOLD | Battery Type: Maintenance Free
Amps/hr: , RC: -, L: -, W: -, H: -, TH: -
Warranty:21 Months Warranty

Motolite Gold Batteries are suited for High Performance Diesel and Gasoline Engines. The brand is the OE battery found for Toyota, Honda, Nissan, Mitsubishi and Ford. Long lasting and dependable, the Motolite Gold Batteries can always be relied on for that one-click start agad performance. The battery plates are exceptionally thick to withstand the demands and ensure start agad during those cold early mornings or heavy Metro Traffic.

Highly recommended for Diesel powered vehicles due to its higher demands during start-ups, and longer battery life span. Trust Motolite Gold to get you there and for that one click start agad. Offers the widest range of batteries for Japanese, Korean, American, & European makes and model. For Heavy Duty Use.

Built with patented EGX Technology, each Motolite Gold battery commits to provide Long Service Life, and Superior Power with thicker Calcium Plates to withstand under the hood temperatures and more Electrolytes to endure severe weather conditions.

All Motolite Gold sizes are available at 1 Stop Battery Shop and Ranisha’s Trading outlets. Call us at (02)-419-2859 or (02)-936-2262 for your battery requirements and inquire with us for our free Delivery and Installation.

Battery Size: Motolite Gold DIN77 





Reserve Capacity: 

Warranty: 21 Months Warranty against Manufacturing Defects (Private Vehicle Use) / 6 Months Warranty if Commercial or used for Business